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To prevent rusting

Container housing is popular in recent years in China due to its ability to extremely strong combination of space structure loved by Chinese designers, people through the acceptance of enterprise container housing is also growing, common container s17+ antminercommercial street, container stores, container bed and breakfast, container Sales off

What is container housing?

When it comes to containers, you may think of the site in the winter as a refrigerator, the site in the summer as an oven iron box, or peace elite "G mouth," but the modern container in function and appearance has been a great breakthrough.

Container housing is a stylish residential building system; container homes can be moved depending on the situation, and can be in both the busy city and the peaceful countryside. When designing the interior, utility lines should be planned ahead of time, with sockets reserved and then plugged in. Solar photovoltaic panels can also provide electricity. Solar water heaters can also heat and supply water, and indoor showers and household water discharges are purified and recycled by a sewage treatment system.

Using containers to build houses is a novel concept; the houses are built from containers, Miner shopthere is little construction waste, and it is more environmentally friendly than traditional brick and mortar structures. Because of the container's flexibility and variability, it can meet the needs of various people for building functions.

Concerning the container house

As we all know, the container is made of 1.6mm thick iron, so it will face a number of issues, such as rusting, poor sound insulation, being cold in winter and hot in summer, being struck by lightning in thunderstorms, being blown away by wind and washed away by rain in bad weather, and so on. These issues arise when the container is proposed for use as a house. Because early container construction technology was simple and difficult to pass, after years of research and improvement, container construction has passed the national certification of building codes, and the aforementioned issues have been resolved.

Container deformation is similar to rough housing deformation. The main difference is that their main structure is different. Traditional houses are mostly made of brick and concrete, whereas container homes are mostly made of steel. Because the container walls are thin and the heat and sound insulation layer will be added during the construction process, there is no discernible difference in interior decoration.

The top is made of glass, aluminum plate, and colored steel plate, and it is waterproof, ventilated, portable containerand heat insulated. To prevent rusting, the top is installed with a steel keel, covered with aluminum plate, glass, color steel plate, and other waterproof layers, and glued. The weight of a standard 20-foot container house is approximately 2 tons, and the decoration should be close to 4 tons. Furthermore, the bottom of the house will be installed with nails buried in the ground to secure the structure to the ground, allowing it to withstand strong winds of 10 and earthquakes of 8.

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