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What exactly is mining?

In the world of Bitcoin, one Chinese block is generated every 10 minutes on average. bitmain t17+All mining computer technology is constantly attempting to pack and submit this development block, and the first person who succeeds in generating this block of information data about us receives a bitcoin payout. It was initially possible to learn how to generate a bitcoin payout of 50 bitcoins every 10 minutes.

However, the number of bitcoins issued online has been cut in half since July 16, dropping to 12.5 bitcoins issued every 10 minutes, implying that the number of bitcoins mined with the same amount of computing power has decreased.

Initially, we could mine bitcoins using computer CPUs. Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator, mined the world's first Genesis blocks with his computer CPU. Of course, you can now mine using your home computer's CPU and GPU, but the earnings are extremely low.

Each miner on the network receives and verifies a batch of corporate transactions before launching into mining. To analyze the solution, the miner requires us to repeatedly experiment with random fill values, which generally uses students to generate a random number, try to fill the generated random number to the block head, and then calculate the hash. If no calculation method succeeds, mining is successful, and the mining proceeds are broadcast to the entire network, and the entire network nodes are designed to verify and connect this Chinese block to the top end of the block and achieve the same goal throughout the entire network.

However, the days of CPU mining are long gone, and GPU mining is no longer popular. Bitcoin mining has entered the ASIC and massive cluster mining era.

Regardless of what is used to mine, arithmetic ability is essential to mining. The greater antminer a10 proa mining machine's arithmetic power, the greater the probability problem of mining a bitcoin, and the more bitcoins that are not mined.

In theory, anyone can mine.

In theory, everyone can mine using their own computer. However, there is an issue with the relationship between computing power and power consumption. Any mining computer or mining machine requires a lot of power, and the cost of the power you consume far outweighs the value of the mine. Because the returns on CPU mining were too low, it was abandoned.

Nowadays, if you want to invest in virtual currency mining, you must first purchase a mining machine. In addition, you'll need a suitable site and someone to look after and maintain it. Of course, the right electricity price is also critical. However, the average investor will face a slew of complications beginning with the purchase of a mining machine.

First and foremost, the best mining machines on the market are out of stock, and when you contact customer service, the response is "notice of arrival."

Second, bitcoin mining currently consumes far more electricity than all of the world's electric vehicles combined. According to Morgan Stanley's latest report, bitcoin's electricity demand will triple in 2018, with one year's worth of electricity equaling Argentina's annual electricity demand.

So we discover that a low electricity cost of hosting companies is very important. However, our country a10 pro minerat the moment, in addition to large cloud computing technology enterprises with government policy support can get less than 0.3 yuan of electricity, China should not carry out any student personal information can get less than 0.4 yuan of electricity, unless through some unusual means.

Third, there will be other risks, such as how to ensure that donations do not escape the trust, how to ensure that their mining is profitable, or even profitable, and so on.

So, if a person wants to mine, it's best to buy a professional miner and find a trustworthy company that specializes in safekeeping. However, this requires a small amount of risk.

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