Learn these 7 little "secrets" for a harmonious marriage that will benefit both parties.

To desire living in harmony as a couple should?

keep the pro-sex initiative.

Some men prematurely shorten sex life due to incorrect knowledge of delayed erection and non-ejaculation, lack of trust in sex, or frequently dread and anxiety related to sex, which causes the sex organs and gonads to regress. Aapp controlled vibrator harmonious and regular sex life can give mental pleasure, but it can also help men keep their sexual capacity. Men only maintain a regular and moderate sex life in order to maintain their sexual capacity.

2, Understanding and respect betweenapp controlled vibrator people

As long as the couple respects and understands one another, the quality of sex can help the couple's sentiments be sublimated, making their sex life more attractive and peaceful. If the couple always fights over insignificant issues andapp controlled vibrator there is no affection between them, the quality of their sexual life will inevitably decline.

3, change the sexual beat

To enjoy the sexual process in harmony, make the sexual response joyful, access to climax, and satisfy both the husband and wife with the sex, the couple's sexual rhythm needs to be consistent. Males cannot just chase their own pleasure while app controlled vibratoroblivious to the feelings of others.

4. Honest communication

Prior communication is essential because it affects the harmony and quality of the sex life. The truth is that, other from discussing spoilers, you should try to avoid speaking during sex as much as possible. Men and women speak more toapp controlled vibrator one other in order to appreciate the pleasure that sex brings.

5, no sex with feelings

Excessive anger, depression, and other negative emotions can interfere with good sex play by making it difficult for men and women to concentrate, reducing sexual enjoyment, and even causing impotence and early ejaculation. Before having sex, let all of your problems out of your head. Then, put your entire body and mind into it and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

6. Excessive tiredness prohibits sexual activity

The worst thing is having an aversion to sex. The most important thing is that you shouldn't have sex after staying up late or doing a lot of physical labor because your mental and physical strength is low at this time. Reluctant sex will inevitably affect your sexual function, make you feel more exhausted, make it difficult for you to recover your physical and mental energy, and even cause sexual apathy.

7, a suitable sexual fantasy

The majority of men will exhibit sexual fantasy during sex, and when it is appropriate, it can increase androgen secretion, deliver a certain degree app controlled vibratorof sexual stimulation, and also increase sex sensitivity. Men who have been married for a long time will gradually lose their sexual arousal and desire, as well as their earlier passion. Sexual imagination can be used to stimulate oneself, enhance sexual performance, and give the act of being sexual something new.

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