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Interpretation of erotic products: to promote sexual health and balance social needs

With the continuous efforts to improve the level of development of economic life,wireless vibrating egg people's minds also continue to open up, gender interest as well as products and technologies are being studied gradually began to enter the students we carry out daily learning life. But there are still some people have been unable to accept and look at the sex appeal products frankly. There is a saying that exists is reasonable, that the existence of love products is meaningful, especially in the context of today's socialism.wireless vibrating egg We all know that their current divorce rate is getting higher and higher, some time ago to manage this important topic also once on the microblogging hot search "why divorce will be more and more people?" Some experts and scholars pointed out that at present for our country like Beijing University Shanghai and other first-tier cities divorce rate remains high.

A large part of this problem is due to sexual disharmony. You can imagine how sad and terrible it will be if the sex life between husband and wife is not harmonious. Feelings like water, life without passion, cheating, divorce, even domestic violence and so on.wireless vibrating egg Quality sex toys can increase the interest between husband and wife, protect sexual health and promote the harmony of husband and wife relationship. Such as condoms, lubricants and other daily products can effectively reduce sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection. The use of toys can increase fun and intimacy between couples.

Another is the social problem of older men and women. In particular, the "marriage squeeze" caused by the imbalance in the ratio of men to women over the years has made it difficult for a large number of men to solve the problem of singleness, and they have become "leftover men" passively.wireless vibrating egg So how do these leftover men solve their sexual needs? Some experts pointed out that such a large-scale adult single population of sexual needs need reasonable guidance and digestion, in order to reduce the social problem of sex crimes, to avoid the step of India's high incidence of sex crimes. News about sex crimes has been common in the past two years, and all kinds of sexual assault news are really scary. As far as the current domestic environment is concerned, the emergence of erotic products can effectively alleviate this social pressure. Because the use of erotic products brings the release of desire and the acquisition of pleasure, not to jeopardize society, but also to promote personal physical and mental health. In addition, erotic products are also a kind of humanistic care for disabled people who cannot live a normal life because of physical reasons.wireless vibrating egg Does it make sense to look at sex toys in this way?

So how should we look at sex toys?

For the uninitiated, many people will feel that it is shameful and indecent to mention erotic objects. Prof. Peng Xiaohui, a famous Chinese apricot expert, thinks this is a wrong understanding. Prof. Peng pointed out that the act of apricot itself is neutral, and judging whether something is obscene or not cannot rely on the object itself, but must take into account many factors such as the person using it, the time of use, the scene of use, the purpose of use, and the result of use. Just like the chopper, it is actually neutral. You can't consider it a murder weapon just because it kills. If it is used in the kitchen, in the hands of a mom, she uses it for chopping vegetables, it is a good helper in the kitchen. But if it appears on the street, in the hands of thugs, it is dangerous. At present, the state is paying more and more attention to apricot education, pointing out: "to reduce unsafe apricot behavior, carry out apricot morality, apricot health, apricot safety publicity and education and intervention, strengthen the comprehensive intervention for the people with high-risk sexually transmitted behaviors, to reduce the unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sex-related diseases. "The definition of apricot health includes two aspects: apricot safety and apricot pleasure.wireless vibrating egg It is actually very healthy and natural for adults to use sex toys, and the main function of sex toys is to enhance sexual pleasure, which is also an important sign of sexual health. So we should treat sex toys correctly with positive, safe, healthy and pleasurable apricot concept.

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