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The choice stone has eyebrows. - Just three strokes to tell the truth!

Stone with a natural and unique texture is often widely used in interior design, such as floors, walls, countertops or local decoration, in order to create a simple texture. carrara quartzBut when choosing natural stone, in addition to choosing the right color and pattern according to the space, how to judge the quality of the stone? For natural non-artificial stone plates, the advantages and disadvantages depend on the quality of raw materials and processing technology. As a result, Bien has compiled three main choice points to prevent homeowners from splashing out on shoddy products.

Key 1. Look like this

The appearance of the stone can be divided into three judgment points, first from the most easily recognized pattern tone, stone benchtop colours high-quality stone surface will not have too much noise, and the color is unified, there should be no sudden light and thickness of the situation, secondary products, due to poor technology, will cause surface spots, stains, color lines and other phenomena; Secondly, natural stone will appear lines, small cracks, but also easy to break the stone along these places, the best choice of bright, smooth, fine texture of the stone structure; Third, whether the Kanban edge is neat without corners, if the missing corners should pay attention to whether to choose two missing corners.

Note: If the stone is artificially dyed, the color will mostly appear unnatural color, quartz vanity top artificial marble transparency is poor, will not have luster.

Key 2. Tap a coin

Novices may need more experience using sound to distinguish. The difference is that the high-quality stone has a high density, the internal structure is delicate, and the sound of striking the coin is more crisp. The inferior products are due to the loose particle structure caused by weathering, or because of fine lines and cracks, etc., the sound is stuffy when struck.

Number three. Use ink and hydrochloric acid to tell the truth.

If from the appearance and sound can not be determined, there is a more obvious method, drop 1-2 drops of diluted hydrochloric acid on the back of the stone, natural marble will bubble, and artificial bubbles weak or not bubble. In addition, you can also use the method of dropping ink to judge, drop a drop of ink on the back of the stone, good quality marble, graphite will be in situ, on the contrary, poor quality stone, ink will spread.

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