MultiView Scientific Calculator, Texas Instruments TI-30XS

Designed with special capabilities that let you enter several calculations, view results side by side, and look for patterns all on one screen.

Stacking fractions, exponents, exact square roots, and other computations can all be entered and viewed in standard math notation using the math Print mode.

Use the toggle key to quickly view decimals and fractions in different representations.

Examine crucial trends by scrolling over earlier entries, or view and copy into a new calculation.

Exams like as the SAT, ACT, and AP may be taken with the TI-30XS MultiView scientific calculator.

Examine a function's x, y table of values either automatically or by inputting particular x values.23 parenthetical levels in total

Car Air Purifier Ionizer, 12V Plug-in Devices for Car Air Fresheners with Two USB Charging Ports Eliminates Food and Pet Odor, Cigarette Smoke, and Ionic Ozone (Silver)

Strong Car Air Purifier: The 4WDKING Ionic Air Purifier can eliminate unpleasant odors and messes from cars instantly, with a maximum release of 5.6 million negative ions per cm3.

In order to improve air quality and lessen odor, these high-density negative ions also cling to smoke, pollen, and dust.

Effective Car Odor Elimination: The air purifier releases a subtle ozone aroma that is reminiscent of a summertime rainstorm.

The smell can be eliminated by the releasing negative ion.

The best results from ozone purification come from prolonged use.

Sync Up Your Electronics: For powerful and quick charging of any smartphone, tablet, and other device, there are two 2.1 A USB ports available.

A great car accessory for fast lighting charging during a long drive and for maintaining a fresh interior.

Elegant Style: The air purifier and USB ports are easier to find in the dark thanks to the matte stainless steel design and crystal-shaped blue LED, which also gives your car's interior a contemporary, stylish appearance.

The ionizer is quiet and produces very little noise.

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty: If there are any problems with the air purifier during that time, we'll replace it with a new one and fix the problem.

The Rayyl Wireless Machine Kit, which includes 40PCS of needles and 2PCS of wireless power, is ideal for both novice and seasoned artists.

【Rotary Machine Pen】: This pen is composed of carved space aluminum alloy and exhibits excellent workmanship.

It has a powerful motor and an innovative gear system that allow for continuous operation without overheating and low noise.

highest precision and management.

Adjust the voltage (6, 7, 8, 9, and 11 volts) by double-clicking the power button on the wireless power supply.

The amount of power supply energy left can be seen on it.

With a 1200mAh capacity, a complete charge at a rate greater than 1A will take 3.5 hours.

【Rayyl Cartridge Needles】 – This set includes 40 mixed tattoo cartridge needles with a semi-transparent tip body for simplified tattooing and improved visibility.

High-hardness and quickly colored 316L steel is used to make needle heads.

【Package List】: One rotary machine pen, two wireless power supplies, forty cartridge needles, two grip tapes, two black gloves, and one machine kit box make up the entire wireless machine kit.

Both novice and seasoned painters will find great use for this wireless machine pen kit.

【Rayyl Team Services】-Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions about the Rayyl machine kit or if you have any problems with it after you have it.

We will respond to you professionally and find a solution.

128GB Apple MFi Certified Photo Stick for iPhone via USB Thumb Drive External Storage Device with Photo Memory for iPhone Flash Drive USB C Picture-Storage-Stick for iPhone Picture Transfer Stick iPad-Photo-Reserve


?【2 IN 1 Photo Stick, Apple MFi Certified】The 2-in-1 iPhone flash storage stick has been certified by Apple MFi.

Its Lightning connector is specifically made for Apple devices, and it can be upgraded to work with newer models at any time.

The USB C connector picture stick is compatible with Mac, iPad Air/Pro, Android (OTG compatibility required), and laptops.

File transfers across several devices are possible with this Apple iPhone storage flash drive.


?【Automatic Single-Click Encryption & Backup The iPhone's memory thumb drive has one-click backup capabilities thanks to the "Hi Pro" app.

One click backups of contacts, videos, and photos may be made using this iPhone flash storage.

You can do away with the laborious paste and copy process with this external USB flash storage.

You can enjoy great convenience with the iPhone external USB.

With the Hi Pro App, users of iPhones and iPads may encrypt files.

(Note: On Android, PC, and laptop, encrypted data are hidden for privacy reasons.

) ?

??【Easy to use with an iPhone Photo Stick】Smart phone photo thumb drive Cloud services and Wi-Fi are not required.

Viewing and playing movies and music from the iPhone's external USB storage is possible whenever and wherever you like.

Using the "Hi Pro" app's Apple Drive USB Camera feature, you may snap a photo and store it right away without using up any storage space on your phone.

The USB photo port on the iPhone Easily swap storage capacity and share pictures between your Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad without the need for additional cords or adapters.


?【Maximize Storage & Excellent Performance】 This iPhone picture thumb drive may fulfill your requirement to increase your phone's storage.

This iPhone USB memory drive has both fast Lightning and USB C ports, which enables data transmission between your PC, Android smartphone, and iPhone easy.

Transfer speeds for Apple thumb drive memory sticks are 80 MB/s for USB C connectors and 15 MB/s for Lightning connectors.

Effectively Reduce File Transfer Time and Boost

Get your bag closing machine's backup battery ready.

Broad Uses】Please take note that this bag closing machine is a type of PACKAGING TOOL.

It is primarily used to pack non-woven fabrics, rice bags, hard blankets, paper bags, flour bags, leather, towels, and chemicals for factories and warehouses in the agricultural, express logistics, e-commerce, and chemical industries.

CAN NOT be utilized as a sewing machine for the home.

This bag closing has a detachable lithium battery with a capacity of 2,600 mah, making it both rechargeable and cordless.

You can use it anywhere, at any time.

Additionally, you can monitor power thanks to the visible power design.

【Excellent Speed in Just Two Seconds】This sewing machine can stitch over 5,000 bags in a single day.

Work efficiency: even and consistent stitches, 2 seconds/bag, 2600 stitches/min.

robust motor output: 90 W at 11000 rpm.

Sewing material thickness recommendations range from 3-5 mm, depending on the type of material.

Both thick and thin materials can be utilized.

【Automatic Cutting Thread】 The sewing thread may be effortlessly cut with this bag closure machine by guiding it into the cutting slot.

in order to significantly increase labor efficiency and eliminate the necessity for manual thread cutting after stitching.

The sewing machine for bags use a motor that is entirely made of copper.

Sewing work is more productive with a 90 W higher power and a 11000 rpm motor speed.

Although we have made every effort to lessen the noise produced during operation, noise cannot be completely eliminated because of the motor's high speed.

With two 2.0Ah Li-Batteries and an anti-drip design, this cordless caulking gun from Max 6500N Force weighs 10 ounces or 300 milliliters.

The RUALION caulking tool comes with all accessories and comes with two batteries and a fast charger.

When operating at maximum speed, the 2.0Ah 20V battery lasts around 240 minutes, which is more than plenty for our daily tasks.

We can also immediately switch between the two batteries in turns.

It can be fully charged in around 50 minutes with the supplied fast charger.

【Glue Speed Is Within Our Control】The exclusive 6-speed shifting mode of the RUALION caulking gun gives us more control over the amount of glue (most products on the market have 4 settings).

We can achieve flawless results on any project with the adjustable pushing speed that ranges from 0 to 8.7mm/s (23inch/min) and a maximum dispensing force of 6500N.

On the handle, there is a lock-on switch for continuous operation, which saves labor.

We are not need to continuously depress the button.

We only need to push the glue trigger once more to end this continuous functioning mode.

We will discover after using it that this operation logic is incredibly seamless.

Our flawless artwork won't be ruined by an unexpected drop of glue thanks to our intimate anti-drip feature.

An anti-drip feature on the RUALION caulk gun prevents excess glue from seeping out when we stop using it by automatically retracting the plunger rod.

Our goal is to finish our work more quickly and effectively, not to waste time.

【LED Light Drives Out the Darkness】The RUALION glue gun's base contains an LED light that turns on by itself while the glue gun is in operation.

It is convenient for us to work in the dark because the light is directed towards the hose head.

You don't have to worry about an unexpected power interruption when utilizing because a 3-color light indicates how much power is left.

Mini Handmade Doll House with Dust Cover & LED, Spilay Dollhouse DIY Miniature Wooden Furniture Kit, 1:24 Scale Creative Woodcrafts for Adult Friend Lover Birthday Gift QT47

【DIY Dollhouse Kits: An artisanal toy, collection, and interior design】You must assemble the dollhouse yourself.

We send in segments.

appropriate for people over 14 years old.

You will become enamored with arts and crafts after seeing these wood model kits.

It won't be that difficult if you follow the English Manual step by step, even if you're a newbie.

You will feel so much more accomplished if you set aside time each day to put together a plan that you've given yourself, create a surprise toy home, and cultivate positive habits.

【Pretentious Dollhouse Handmade with Eco-Friendly Materials】The scale of the dollhouse miniature is 1:24.

The final dimensions are 3.54*3.54*4.53 cm.

It weighs 0.45 kg.

The dollhouse kit contains the following materials: paper, cloth, and wood.

Every material is of the highest quality, burr-free, safe, and environmentally friendly.

You can use without fear.

A colorful box containing all the furniture and accessories shown in the photographs, along with an English handbook printed in vibrant colors, an LED light, and a dust cover, are included with the dollhouse.

The dust cover can preserve the finished dollhouse and add to its elegance, while the LED will provide a romantic touch to it.

【Ideal Present and Superb Interior Design】Giving thoughtful and imaginative gifts to your loved ones on Valentine's Day, their birthdays, and Christmas is a great idea!

Such a gift of a fairy house will not be refused.

You will have the best parent-child time if you send it to your kids, and more importantly, it can help them become more creative and hands-on!

It is quite delicate, therefore send it to your boyfriend or friend.

Once completed, it may become the ideal interior design!

It's also more collectible and meaningful!

【Important Notes】Before delivery, the kits were meticulously inspected to make sure all the accessories were present and that no parts were missing.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us when you're ready.

Any issues will be resolved right away.

Additionally, since it is against the law

Sketching, animation, X-ray viewing, Light Box Drawing A4, Tracing Board with Artists' Adjustable Brightness

◳ 3 lighting modes with adjustable brightness adjustable brightness, illuminated background, and surround-LED lighting ◳ Eye Protection Light Box: Safe for kids and students, the flicker-free screen won't tire out your eyes.

Made of plastic rather than glass.

Enhance sketching abilities: use a lightboard to make it simple to trace images, assist children in writing letters and numbers, and spark an interest in the arts ◳ Sturdy and incredibly thin, lightweight, slim, and portable lightbox: with a weight of only 0.61 KG (just 5 mm), it is thinner than a composition book and can fit into your backpack for DIY projects, school, college, and more—free storage.

◳ Tracing Pad for Artwork: powered by a computer, power bank, or USB plug, this large 30.5 x 20.5 cm work page requires no batteries and is easy to use for animation design, diamond painting, drawing, calligraphy, tracing pictures, doodle art, and other tasks.

Wireless Motorcycle Alarm for Electric Bike, Tricycle, Mobility Scooter, Ebike, and Security - KCMYTONER Vibration Sensing Bike Alarm with Remote, 113db Loud Bicycle Alarm System Anti Theft

A security tool called the KCMYTONER multifunction bicycle alarm with remote is intended to keep your bike safe from theft.

Among the many features it usually has are motion detection, a loud alarm, and a remote control.

has the ability to successfully stop bicycle theft.

For usage on bicycles, motorbikes, electric bikes, electric scooters, doors, and windows, this motion sensor bike alarm with vibration trigger alarm system is ideal.

【7 Stages of Modifiable Sensitivity & SOS Emergency Alert】You may effortlessly customize the 7 sensitivity levels to suit your requirements, ranging from soft touch to forceful blows or strikes.

There is also an SOS emergency alarm feature on this e-bike alarm.

It may sound like the SOS alerting people to the need for assistance after an accident.

【Powerful Motorbike Alarm with Adjustable Volume】Should successfully deter would-be thieves with a maximum decibel level of 113dB.

Very well-made alarm that works really well.

This motorcycle anti-theft alarm has three adjustable noise levels and can reach up to 113 dB, which is loud enough to frighten off intruders and draw attention.

The three-level volume adjustment feature on the anti-theft bike alarm is also selectable.

【Wireless Remote Control】This motion-sensing vehicle alarm system has a powerful wireless range of up to 20 meters, or 66 feet, when controlled by a remote.

car search feature, simple car location in parking lot, three types of bells to select from (not available in armed mode).

Up to 20 meters (66 feet) of wireless remote control range, simple to use.

【Waterproof and Easy Installation】Two install techniques, easy to use: Attach it with a strap or use a double-sided sticker.

The double-sided sticker and strap that are included with the vibration alarm can be attached by pasting or tying.

Wiring is not needed, nor are screws.

It is simple to conceal and install the elegant, tiny design, measuring only 65mm by 45mm.


Waterproof, appropriate for outdoor use.

The White Kitchen Mama One-To-Go Electric Can Opener with Auto Shut-Off features a smooth edge, ergonomic design, safety features, a lid lift, and battery operation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. China wholesale battery cell machine supplier

Use the One-To-Go auto-stop electric can opener to open cans of any size with ease; it automatically turns off after the task is completed.

You'll save time and energy by having more hands available for other culinary tasks.

What is the best way to handle this situation?

: The innovative tilting blade eliminates the risk of cut fingers by detecting any can shape and leaving smooth edges.

By shutting off the can opener in the event of an accident involving cuts, the unique cut protection feature provides additional safety.

The can opening procedure is more convenient due to its streamlined shape.

Easily replace new batteries on-the-go thanks to the magnet-attached battery container.

**Not included are the batteries** How can I improve my writing?

The built-in lid remover provides additional assistance and enables touch-free lid removal.

The side-cut function of this can opener keeps the food inside the can clean.

The blade slices cans along the side of the lid, avoiding contact with the food.

The user is not able to provide a comment.

Kitchen Mama's packaging is becoming entirely paper-based.

The paper packaging for the One-To-Go Electric Can Openers is designed for easy recycling.

Yes, you can simplify the can opening process, and yes, we can improve the world.