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1.Have the ability to raise capital: Whether you're just starting out, or your business is in trouble, or you're going broke, or you're trying to grow fast and take over the market, you have to solve a problem... ... Funding,Forbes 30 Under 30 if you don't have the ability to raise capital, business should be done with caution.

2. Rich general knowledge of life and culture: the upper know astronomy and geography, the lower know the kitchen small things, this is our a social communication master must have, because the establishment of the same good can get quickly close to each other different distances, to establish a relevant relationship. Can borrow from the past to understand the present, help to predict the trend of development and change, to avoid taking a detour.Fortune 40 under 40 list Creative ability comes from inspiration, but also from the experience of life.

3. Broad interpersonal network: Do not refuse to make friends with the general public, in fact, everyone will have potential value, everyone is a road, only to establish a broad interpersonal network, in order to ensure that you go smoothly to the end.

4. Integrity in business: a necessary condition for business development and growth.

5. Learn to do business at a loss: in business you inevitably have to "short-term interests" and "long-term interests" to make decisions, you give up "short-term interests", although you can restore the partners and business reputation, but there is a risk that you will not be able to recover. If you give up "short-term profit", you may restore the reputation of your partners and business, but you may not be able to face bankruptcy. If you choose "immediate profit", you will automatically give up your business partners, which may bring a shock to the reputation of the business and make it impossible for the business to move forward. In fact, the trouble with "immediate benefits" is long term, while the difficulties with "long term benefits" are temporary. In the degree of control, only you learn to lose, can not lose, the enterprise can go farther and more durable.

6. Trust the people around you:This is actually a controversial issue. Some businessmen believe that you can't trust anyone, including your brother, because the people you trust the most are the ones the enemy wants to buy off the most. Some people think that trust is actually the greatest support, which can generate great motivation and is the basis for mutual communication and cooperation. In fact, both sides have some truth, but I prefer the latter, because there are many examples in society tell us that trust can create miracles, while distrust will lead to many tragedies.

7. Adventurism: If you want to excel in the mall, you have to own it. Seize the opportunity presented by the three reforms that have taken place. Today's information industry is developing rapidly, relying on geographical differences and time differences in this low-risk to the rich era has become a thing of the past. Today, our society section Qin accelerated, the opportunity is fleeting, can not be carefully analyzed and considered, the market price competition environment is becoming more and more complex and intense, and there is still not too much uncertainty about the factors affecting. If you do not have this spirit, you are not a very good businessman.

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