breaking the carpet

Vacuum cleaners, as a small cleaning appliance, have grown in popularityvacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa and are used by an increasing number of families. However, there are many things to remember about vacuum cleaners, the majority of which are mentioned in the instruction manual, so be sure to read them thoroughly before using them. In general, you should pay attention to the five points listed below.

Clean the carpet in a clockwise direction.

When cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, move in the direction Kenzo Kidswearof the carpet's clockwise hair to absorb dust and keep the carpet's hair flat and from breaking the carpet.

Check the dust bag on a regular basis.

If the dust bag is found to be broken, stop vacuuming immediately green testand replace it to avoid dust damage to the motor.

Timely cleaning of the dust bag

If there is too much dust inside the vacuum cleaner's dust bag and dust barrel, remove it as soon as possible to keep the dust barrel clean and avoid affecting the vacuuming effect and heat dissipation of the motor.

The machine is in an abnormal state.

When vacuuming, make sure there are no visible paper dust, nails, glass, or other debris in the cleaning area. If an abnormal sound occurs while vacuuming or if no vacuuming occurs, inspect or send it for repair as soon as possible.

Take note of daily storage.

Vacuum cleaners should be stored in a dry location; avoid using a wet cloth to clean the switch; and use water to clean the dust bucket or dust bag; otherwise, leakage or short circuiting may occur.