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Vacuum cleaner wet and dry we can also call it a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, obviously, isbest vacuum for deep cleaning carpet dry waste and liquid waste can absorb the meaning of the ordinary vacuum cleaner can generally only suck dry material, and wet and dry vacuum cleaners can absorb our life or industrial process generated by oil, water, and so on. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are used to break through the vacuum cleaner and clean the wet ground. Wet use: ideal for cleaning residual juice and dirty water, as well as car cleaning. Dry cleaning: easily removes dust, garbage, cigarette butts, cigarette ash, pet hair, dead branches and leaves, melon shells and peels, and other debris.

How do you clean a new house after it has been renovated by your family?

First and foremost, clean up any decoration trash that has been left on the site. Ordinary vacuum cleaner vacuuming words are easier to burn after renovation, and industrial grade vacuum cleaner, with super power suction, efficient copper core motor, strong suction, you can easily absorb all kinds of decoration waste, dust bucket capacity, good vacuum effect, saving you the cost of renovation cleaning.

How do you do car washing and cleaning if you own a car and want to wash it yourself?

The popular self-service car wash equipment does bring convenience to many car owners, as they can wash their cars quickly and cheaply, but they will also complain that the cleaning is not in place, as the interior cannot be cleaned. We wash the car not to make the exterior shiny and bright, but to create a clean interior environment that brings a sense of comfort. As a result, more people prefer the traditional manual car wash. Instead of going to a traditional car wash, which has high labor costs and is time-consuming, it is better to buy a handy equipment and wash the car yourself. Connect a cold water high-pressure washing machine first, and the car will be thoroughly cleaned in all aspects. Then, using an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner, thoroughly clean the corners of the car interior. You have no idea what to do with the sewage in the yard after washing the car; yes, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can cleanly handle the sewage, so one machine can fix all!

This is an industrial grade vacuum cleaner that can be used wet or dry, can be switched freely, has two uses in one machine, and can say goodbye to single suction. It can be used at home, hotel, car wash, warehouse, decoration, shopping mall, or wherever you want to suck!

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