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The relationship between a computer and a computer operating system is like fish and water. Without the operating system, the computer becomes a useless monitor and the computer operating system is also the most vulnerable to damage and crash.convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting That's why reinstalling computer systems has always been a popular business for various computer repair stores. When the computer operating system is malfunctioning, it can lead to a series of major and minor malfunctions. For example, the computer screen is blue, the computer crashes, the computer does not run smoothly, software can not be installed, software games can not be accessed or flashback and so on. Many people who use computers in their lives reinstall their computer systems very frequently, and it is very troublesome and an unnecessary financial drain to reinstall the necessary software that needs to be installed after each system installation.

Computer reinstallation of operating systems

Many people believe that the fundamental problem of the enterprise can not effectively avoid reinstallation of computer technology operating management system, in fact, wrong, on the contrary, completely different can be avoided by avoiding the use of computer reinstallation of the operating control system, the majority of people's computer operating information systems designed to our own need for man-made damages, of course, we all unintentionally damaged, sometimes even without their own inexplicable, unknowingly, the computer operating Environment system development has collapsed damaged.merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf Want to never need to reinstall the operating system to the computer and computer knowledge of the smoothness of the system is still maintained perfectly, then we must follow the following points of caution:

1. Do not update your computer with vulnerability patches and hardware drivers (neither of which are needed and updating will not improve your computer's performance).

2. When cleaning up your c-disk space, remember not to delete files or folders you don't recognize (you can clean up your c-disk space with the help of third-party software).

3. Don't install more than one anti-virus software on your computer (many people are smart enough not to get infected by viruses).

4. Don't force shutdown (forced shutdown will cause hard disk damage and system file loss).

5. Do not install application analysis software or plug-ins from unknown sources (destroys ecosystem user registry).

6. Do not let the system disk explosion (do not let the system disk space full, hard disk letter red).

7. Do not download and install "threatening" software (software websites from unknown sources or unsafe download channels).

8. Do not use your computer to browse unhealthy websites or web pages (unhealthy websites contain many different kinds of virus programs).

9. Timely cclean and invalid applications or plug-ins (can be handled by third-party cleaning software).

Keep your computer desktop "clean".

In addition, want to operate through the computer management system can have been no to maintain smooth, it should be able to ensure that the development of enterprise computer technology operation control system has been "pure", regular organization to check the computer installed programs,pdf editor free there are no redundant programs or plug-ins, but also continue to keep the desktop "clean! ", do not store large-capacity files in the C disk, here we need to pay extra attention: computer desktop file location information properties belong to the system disk. Desktop densely packed with icons or files of the computer, its operating environment system is unlikely to be smooth, in addition to affecting the speed of personal computer start-up, the chances of file loss greatly increased.

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