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When I was a sex toy evaluator

Sex toy tester, is in the era of increasing sexual demand of Chinese people, best phone controlled vibratorcan provide a correct and scientific management method for the use of sex toys for the majority of consumers. Sex toy tester, not only to analyze and objective evaluation of sex toys, but also to buy their own products to use sex toys consumer information research consumer social psychology, sexual knowledge and sexual culture and other aspects of consultation and counseling.

People through the understanding of life sex toys, best phone controlled vibratormost of them stay in the "novelty, stimulation", for the evaluator, that is, we need to understand the students on the basis of enterprise products, to provide consumers with more scientific, more reasonable, more appropriate use management methods.

When one day, you find that you bought a sex toy, best phone controlled vibratorbut do not know how to use it; When you find that there is a sex toy that can solve all your sexual needs, but you do not know how to choose; When you discover that sex toys not only make you feel good, but also make your wife feel good...

"I want to be a sex toy tester."

I want to be a sex toy evaluator because I am a sex toy lover, best phone controlled vibratorbecause I have a strong curiosity, and because I want to evaluate the products I buy. Driven by this idea, I began to understand and learn relevant knowledge, and also participated in some online and offline training. After a period of learning and accumulation, a chance to come into contact with the sex toys evaluator job.

"This is the first time I've done this for a client."

We don't work on holidays, best phone controlled vibratorbut during holidays we get a lot of calls from clients asking when we can do our reviews. In fact, I would like to rest, but thinking of so many customers waiting for me, I can't rest, because there are so many people waiting for me to test.

You asked me why I chose to be a sex evaluator. best phone controlled vibratorThis is because:

Everyone has the right to pursue happiness, which is a personal freedom, and we will respect other people's choices;

As a sex toy tester, we teachers can help corporate customers better understand the use and management methods of sex toys, so as to avoid accidents in the process of using sex toys.

"I haven't bought sex toys in over a year."

Many of you have probably heard this before. But in fact, among the people who buy sex toys, this proportion is still very low.

I once asked an interesting question, "Have you ever bought sex toys?"

Most answered "no."

A very interesting data is that in sex toys, men still prefer to use traditional Chinese hand tools. Women prefer that we use electric vehicle products.

What does that mean? Obviously, a lot of people don't know about sex toys. They don't know if they should buy one, two or three.

"It's not really stressful, but it's fun. "

A lot of people don't understand why they do this kind of work.

I also answered on Zhihu: "This career is actually quite interesting, because you have to face a lot of people." Sometimes we have some fantastic clients, some even understand, but you have to give them a professional test. "

Because this job is dealing with people, if I can let people see the right choice of use of sex toys management methods, it will be a great help to many people.

So many times, I feel very happy.

Finally, I want to say: sex toy evaluator is a very meaningful profession. The job is stressful, but fulfilling. While solving people's troubles and problems, it will also be recognized and respected by everyone.

I hope we can bring a healthy, scientific and happy sex life to more people through our careers as sex toy testers.

"This job is the most satisfying I've ever had. "

Everyone has a desire in life, regardless of men and women, but each of us has a degree of desire, once it has passed this degree, it is a disaster.

One day you find yourself buying a sex toy and not knowing how to use it.

When you discover that there is a sex toy that can solve all your sexual needs;

When you discover that a sex toy can not only make you feel good, but also make your wife feel good... .

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