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While many people have heard of PDF, some people don't know what pdf means or what it does. Today, we introduce PDF.

What does pdf mean

While many people have heard of PDF, convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobatsome people don't know what pdf means or what it does. Today, we introduce PDF.

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One: What does pdf mean

Pdf is the abbreviation of portable technical document data format, which is a document format developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Because it is a proprietary format, merge png to pdf ilovepdfwe need PDF reading teaching software to display and print. PDF file system can not only store students' character network information, but also improve the storage of fonts and character sizes, font design and decoration, embedded images, layout and other information.

Two: View PDF file in browser

We can also open a PDF file in your browser without having to download it to your computer. merge two pdf pages into one page macInternet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox all display PDF files.

Third: PDF creation, publishing and viewing.

We converted documents created by Microsoft Office into PDFS and sent them by e-mail or distributed them on a web page. I use a PDF reader. PDF files are relatively small, fast to transmit, and consist of multiple pages that can be processed individually.

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PDF reader is a kind of software used to view the received PDF. PDF readers can display the contents of PDF files on the screen. In major environments such as Windows, Adobe's Adobe Reader is distributed as a PDF reader for free. Adobe Reader is also suitable for mobile phones, so you can browse PDFS on any mobile device.

This is what PDF means, if you want to know more, please! !

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