deleted recovery

Deleting files is an essential operation because the computer has limited disk space and it is simply impossible not to delete files.convert word to pdf with embedded excel files Also, what about those files that were initially considered useless and must have been deleted, and then later realized that the file is still useful? We have three ways to solve the problem, two of which are with the help of file recovery software, one is to recover through the registry, take a look at the specifics!

Computer data mistakenly deleted recovery

Method one:

1. Download Universal Data Recovery Master, open the Universal Data Recovery Software Master installed on your computer, select the "accidentally deleted files" function in the standard mode, scan the data on the disk. 2.

2. Select the disk to be scanned, which is the location where the data was stored before it was accidentally deleted.

3. Select the type of data to be recovered and the type of data to be retrieved.

4. Click to proceed to the next step to start the development by scanning the data on the disk, after the scanning is completed, find the data to be recovered in the results, and click up to preview, find a data you want, and click on [Recover] to complete the recovery of accidentally deleted data.jpg to pdf converter and combine After completing the above operating system, the mistakenly deleted data information on the computer can be retrieved. Universal Data Environment Recovery Master is a software with professional data technology recovery China, in the interface need to we teachers can directly see the enterprise in addition to the economic recovery of information deleted by mistake on the computer, you can also get to recover the Recycle Bin, u disk and other kinds of mobile network device data.

Method two:

Open 360 security protection, click on the lower right corner of the "More", select "Data Security", click "File Recovery.

2. Select the disk where you want to recover the files, click Start Scanning, and wait for the scanning to complete. If it is a USB flash drive or hard disk, just plug it in and select the Change option.

3. After the scanning is finished, the File Recovery feature will display a large number of lost files and add the following four scenarios: High, High, Poor, and Poor, where High and High can generally recover better.

4. Just find the file you want to recover and save it. After the recovery is complete, go to the path you saved to view the file recovery.

Method three:

1. First of all, to empty a recycle bin, windows key + R key, pop up the system run management interface, type regedit, into the registry information interface.

2. Enter the registry screen, find this

NameSpaceHKEY_LOCAL_MACHIME/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Desktop/NameSpace, right click to create a new item.

3. Rename the newly created item to "645 ffo 40-5081-101 b-9 f08-00aa 002 f954 e", and set the value as "Recycle Bin" and then restart your computer to recover the deleted files.

Open Computer Manager and select Toolbox. Find File Recovery Tool and click on it.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf If this is the first time you use it, it will initialize for a while, just be patient. Then according to

our needs to choose the services we need, which China Recover Deleted Files and Recycle Bin Recovery by Error are free. We want to recover functionally damaged file system choose to use Universal Recovery! Then

First select the path to be recovered, and then select the start of the scan, and finally click Start Recovery.