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Difference in weight checking

1. Principle differences

The pdf format is more private, and the checking system of needs to scan and recognize the contents of the PDF file. The parsing process may be chaotic, resulting in errors in the identified content.pdf to word converter offline software free download full version At this point, the results found in the pdf file will be different from the normal content.

2. Check the scope of weight

In PDF format, the content in the header and footer can be rechecked as text, which will affect the total number of words and the number of repeated words. In DOC/DOCX, headers and footers are accurately recognized in the network and are not rechecked as text.word to pdf converter online i love pdf Therefore, in the absence of special requirements, Elephant suggests that we try to write as few footnotes as possible and cite literature as endnotes.

3. formatting issues

If the pdf format to check the copy, references are marked as red more likely. Common reason is that the system recognizes the header of the school name and footer of the page number, the continuous citation is separated,merge word documents online i love pdf resulting in format recognition failure.

pdf check to give the report, the text format may look more chaotic, paragraph division may also be and the original text between there is a certain difference. For example, for an important paragraph is divided into several paragraphs, but can not affect the repetition rate.

4. report red

Doc/DOCX and PDF text of the red situation is slightly different. If there are more footnotes, the PDF repetition rate is usually higher. If there are no footnotes, it can not be determined which format has more red.

About PDF garbled problem

PDF check is garbled, means that the check report does not have a normal text, but a variety of strange characters, the repetition rate of 0%. It does not mean that some formulas and letters in the report are not recognized correctly.

Self-check method

Copy and paste the PDF text into the TXT text, if the text is displayed normally. It does not matter if part of the formula is displayed incorrectly

Apple computer generates PDF with high probability. It is recommended that you generate on windows system, or use a third-party platform to assist in the generation.

Small tips

1. word and PDF check on the reference-related literature for the format of the identification of the rules are the same as us, to avoid some reference to the research literature marked red focus is not to use a Chinese comma, period.

Note that the check request is the full text or the body, the results may be different.

3. If the requirements must be submitted pdf file, you can submit for checking. In other cases, it is recommended to submit word files, which can maximize the accuracy of the results.

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