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This is not easy for every parent. The road to educating children can be described as "a long road". We are all first-time parents, so it is inevitable that we do not have much experience in choosing how to raise our children. However, Covid test kitpeople grow through continuous learning. As parents, there is still a lot to learn in order to raise your children in a dutiful manner. After all, as a child's best teacher, a parent's every word and action influences the development of a child's mind and behavior.

Therefore, the birth of a well-behaved and understanding children, can not be separated from the three positive attitudes to carry out positive parental education, so we as parents in the treatment of people and things they can first be correct learning attitude, to provide a child as a good model, in order to get better guidance to their children did not establish the right concept of business.

However, most parents of students believe that their own development can not do the right way to treat people, let alone to educate and train their children, "the upper beam is not right, the lower beam is crooked" is probably China so. The child is through a blank sheet of paper, how it can be rendered depends on the parents, obviously can already become an atmospheric ink landscape painting, but because companies do not get the right education, can only choose to become unstageable scribbles.

A few days ago, a netizen posted that her daughter in the third grade had met great classmates and parents. Here's what happened. His daughter and this great classmate were at the front and back tables. Because of her daughter's frequent ponytail, the boy at the back table always pulls her braid. Not only did he pull it secretly in class, but he also pulled it openly after class. Once her daughter started to resist, the little boy kicked her stool and even made her fall down once.

This netizen's daughter was naturally timid, so even though she was angry, she didn't dare to confront the little boy directly until one day, the netizen noticed that his daughter came home with red eyes and patiently asked only from her mouth that these things had happened.

As a father, angry, he went directly to the class teacher to explain the situation and asked to see the parents of the young boy, so both parents met in the office under the arrangement of the class teacher.

Netizen said, he would have wanted is that we a relatively simple apology, the children themselves perhaps they do not understand, but the parents of the students raised should always have an explanation. Who knows, the little boy's mother work not only can not carry out any corporate apology, but also a "for the sake of the child he knows what ah, my son pulled the little girl braid is because he thought it was very funny, and did not do anything when excessive things, adults when what really it", the whole face is a self-righteous in that to her son The whole time, a self-righteous face in that to her son to justify.

At the same time, he found the little boy was still smiling, completely unaware that he university of hk rankinghad made a mistake, which made the netizens even more angry. However, in the face of such a parent who only condones the child's mistakes and has no sense of right and wrong, and in the face of a class teacher who is busy playing in the mud, netizens really can't get an apology, but I can't beat a child, but I despise the little boy and his mother from the bottom of my heart.

After the incident, netizens comforted their daughter while calling on parents to properly educate their children. When a child makes a mistake, they should not only think about protecting the child, but also guide the child correctly so that the child realizes his or her mistake and takes responsibility for it. It is important to know that indulgence is indulgence, indulgence is not love, a child is condoned to make mistakes, for the child to clean up the mess in the end will only hurt the child.

In this aspect of education, the first thing parents should do is to have the ability to correctly judge right and wrong, and then instill the right concepts in their children so that they fully realize their mistakes, have the courage to admit them, apologize to each other, and finally help their children to take responsibility for their mistakes.

However, some children who have made mistakes can admit their mistakes under the guidance of their parents, but they cannot apologize generously. If you refuse to say "I'm sorry" and apologize, it will be difficult for the other party to feel the sincerity of the child's attitude to admit their mistakes, which makes parents very headache. So in fact, parents need to teach their children to learn to apologize frankly.

The prerequisite foundation condition for children to learn to apologize is that a child we must be truly aware of the student's own mistakes, and is sincerely want to repent. Of course, not they think it is a light "sorry" can get to solve these problems, such an apology is no research significance, only the heart to admit fault to say a sincere apology.

Apology awareness needs to be cultivated from an early age, so that children do not feel ashamed and unable to apologize, parents need to create a "normal" environment for their children from an early age to apologize.

Specifically, parents should not be stingy with their apologies. Even if they accidentally spill water on their child, forget to buy their favorite toy, or even pick up their child from school late, say "I'm sorry" to their child.

Parents should not have to justify any mistakes they make. They should take even a trivial matter seriously and let their children know that apologizing is a normal thing to do and that apologizing is an act of taking responsibility for their mistakes. There is nothing to be ashamed of. A parent's openness can go a long way in influencing a child to say "I'm sorry" when he or she makes a mistake in the future.

After children are able to bravely admit their mistakes and apologize graciously, all they need to do is to be held accountable for their mistakes. This is the time when parents need to teach their children not to run away from responsibility. Of course, if it's a big responsibility, like when money is involved, parents need to help their children take that responsibility. But if it's just something small, like making a mistake at school and the teacher punishes the child for staying behind to clean the classroom, parents should let the child do it on his or her own so that the child learns to look the cost of making a mistake in the eye.

Responsibility, like the development of a sense of apology, is also to be cultivated from elementary school students, after the child makes a mistake between the two is almost an inseparable. Whether for the child is to make a big mistake or a small mistake, the same can not avoid the consequences of the impact, not at the same time because the economic consequences are serious to avoid social responsibility, nor just because these things are small to ignore corporate responsibility. There is a cause and an effect, parents think that if they indulge their children to avoid legal responsibility, it will only make the child more wrong, because this child can know that China's own behavior even if it is wrong, there are many parents to help tote, do not have to pay any price, have such awareness is very scary.

In short, in the education of children, parents must set an example and always set a good example for their children so that they make fewer mistakes and take fewer detours. Once a child makes a mistake, parents should be the first to teach their children to admit their mistakes and let them "pay the price" for their mistakes in time. What parents should do from the beginning to the end is not to condone and avoid, but to stop and face.

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