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People who love to drink whisky can remember a year with one taste?

People who love to drink whisky, have you heard the saying: with one taste you can remember a year. Some people say that this saying is too exaggerated, there are so many whiskies on the market, it is difficult to make a deep impression. But for me personally, this saying is reasonable. Now I will share with you my experience of drinking whisky.

The first whisky in my life, is a collegewhisky course classmate invited, his family is relatively rich, at that time came to Scotland to travel, and climbed the highest mountain in England, where there is a distillery with the same name of the mountain. Friends who know whisky to understand what I'm talking about that brand of whisky, do not know friends as I rely on everyone it.

Now seven or eight years later, every time I drink the whisky of this distillery, to experience its rounded entrance and seemingly peat flavor, still immediately recall the cold wind on the way to climb the mountain; wet and cold with the smell of green grass and campfire smoke mud; panting hard, burning sternum; and its pressure on the cramped sky overhead.

I think that the flavor of whiskey can become the coordinates of the flood of time. Even if many years ago, tasting a similar flavor can immediately recall a specific time. This experience is not limited to private experience and experience. After all, in the macroscopic view, specific taste buds can usually also open up a crowd of memories, so that the distant history of the visualization of the perception of re-active in the mind - people often say "whisky is the footnote of time", the principle is probably from this.

In addition, I recently had a glass of "sea salt" whisky, also seems to make me "travel" back to 1992. 1992, the year of environmental protection, the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the World Ocean Day ( WorldOceanDay and its regulations for the preservation of marine resources in the Baltic Sea region (HELCOM) were first introduced at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

In the same year, the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic was published in Paris, the Declaration of Cancun (limited sea fishing) was published in Spain, and we in China established one of the country's leading marine protected areas in Bohai Bay. The concept of "marine environmental protection" has moved further into the public domain.

The whiskey I drank had a "waxy" texture in the mouth. I was able to compare it to the first sip of seawater that you accidentally choked on in your life - first the softened liquid wraps around your mouth, creating a "dull" sensation carpet and hard floor steam cleaner, followed by a vague spicy sensation on your tongue and throat. Next, there is the familiar saltiness, with the freshness of salted lemon and black tea notes.

Such distinctly maritime flavors come from Campbelltown's relic, Grandy. The distillery is located on the Cinque Terre peninsula, which is exposed to the Atlantic sea breeze for a long time, and the sea salt in the quality of the spirit comes from it. This glass of Grandy whiskey, also makes me remember 1992, full of the sea and its environmental flavor of the year.

So, sometimes a glass of whiskey, may represent a time, a taste, you can taste a memory, remember a special time, this is not an exaggeration Kids21. Even not only whisky, put into white wine, brandy, red wine is also the same, because we heart to taste, always have a different feeling. A glass of wine, is a story, a rivers and lakes.

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