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5 steps can be completed, coffee also want to "style"

1. Fill the glass flask (lower pot) with boiling water. All the way to the two-part position. Light the alcohol lamp and heat the water in the lower pot. Until the water boils. Insert the upper kettle so that the rubber rim is against the spout of the lower kettle, so that the chain of the upper kettle is immersed in the water of wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturer the lower kettle. There is no problem with the upper kettle tilting, do not plug it tightly into the lower kettle.

2. Continue to boil water and wait for large bubbles to come out of the lower pot. When the big bubbles appear in the lower kettle, hold the upper kettle straight. Gently shake it up and down to push it down and plug it into the lower pot. After inserting the top jug, you can see the water in the bottom jug going to the top jug. This is due to the rising air pressure, causing the boiling water to be promoted to the upper pot.

3. After the water is thoroughly raised to the upper pot, linger for a few seconds. Pour the pre-ground coffee powder into the top pot. For two people, about 20-24g is sufficient. Then mix the coffee powder with a blending tool. Mix 5-6 times for the first time, then wait 30 seconds, mix again 3-4 times, then wait for a minute. This will make the coffee extraction more adequate!

4. Wait for a minute, use the alcohol lamp cover to extinguish the alcohol lamp and end the heating. That way the air pressure in the lower pot will decrease and the coffee powder from the upper pot will drip into the lower pot. If you want the coffee powder in the lower pot to drip down quickly, you can use a damp cloth to scrub the bottom of the lower pot again slowly.

5. After the coffee has dripped thoroughly into the lower pot, separate the lower pot from the upper pot. Just pour out the coffee.

The process seems to be a bit complicated, but it is actually very simple. Personally, I think the only thing that is difficult is how to control the lower pot and the upper pot installation. But it is also easy to learn.

By the way, you must pay attention to the bottom coffee capsule of the glass flask before the bottom burn must be kept clean.

If you are interested, you can also try this method of brewing out coffee. One of the benefits of this coffee is that as long as you set the number of times to mix the coffee powder on the pot and the extraction time, you will not have much difference in taste every time you brew it, which is a very stable coffee brewing method.

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