How to Put Up Roller Blinds

Because of their fashionability and space-saving benefits, more and more people are willing to use rolling curtains to decorate their rooms, and now rolling curtains are more and more beautiful, but many people do not know how to buy curtains, and even if you buy rolling curtains, you may not know how to install them; this Roller Shade issue will discuss how to install rolling curtains.

Steps for installing a rolling curtain

1. Roller blinds accessories installation

Decide on the left and right direction of the head and the vertical direction of the beads; the head can be swapped left and right and installed according to the owner's preference or the location of the home. After stretching use, the bead making head can be rotated to correspond to the side and top installation, respectively.

2. Installation of the head

The head has two installation methods, which correspond to two installation schemes.

a. Outside installation

To begin, compare the finished product to the window, find the correct position, mark the position of the head screw on the window frame or wall, tighten the left and right heads on the window frame or wall with screws, and simultaneously open the rotatable module on the beadless head.

b. Internal construction

Insert the completed roller shutter into the window frame, locate the correct position, and mark the location of the head screws on the top of the window frame. Lock the upper and lower headers to the top of the window frame with the screws and open the rotatable module on the beadless headers.

3. Set up the curtain track

Insert the right end of the upper track with the pulling bead first, followed by the left side of the upper track without the pulling bead. curtain styles Complete the installation by snapping on the rotatable module to ensure that the curtain does not fall or move easily.

Gently pull down the front beaded curtain, and the roll-up curtain will rise automatically. You can control the rolling curtain by pulling down the back bead curtain.

The above is the rolling curtain installation method; I hope it is helpful. If you have any other installation or maintenance issues, please let me know.