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Blockchain A blockchain application is CORE public chain.

It uses the DPoS consensus mechanism, which allows for fast transaction confirmation and data processing. The role of smart contracts is also supported by the cORE public chain, allowing developers to write smart contracts to reach various application areas.

The following are the main technical features of the CORE public chain.

First and foremost, the CORE public chain mine boxemploys the DPoS, or Delegated Proof of Interest, consensus mechanism. In the public chain network, this mechanism results in faster confirmation and shorter transaction confirmation times. Simultaneously, the DPoS system can ensure the security and stability of the public chain network, as well as reduce the risk of hacker attacks.

Second, the CORE public chain encourages the use of smart contracts. Smart contracts can be written by developers to address a variety of application areas, including digital currency issuance and trading, decentralized finance, supply chain management, and so on. The virtual machine of the CORE public chain executes smartantminer s19 pro alibaba contracts, ensuring the reliability and security of smart contracts.

Finally, the CORE public chain development team is dedicated to improving the public chain's scalability and performance. They are gradually improving the underlying technology of the CORE public chain in order to increase the public chain's transaction processing capacity and scalability.

CORE public chain can be used in a variety of fields, including the digital currency industry, decentralized finance industry, supply chain management industry, and so on. In the field of digital assets, for example, issuers can offer digital gtx 1080 ethereum hashrate currencies via CORE public chain, as well as buy and sell transactions and manage them on the public chain; in the decentralized finance industry, CORE public chain can provide a reliable trading and settlement platform; and in the supply chain management industry, CORE public chain can realize the openness of supply chain data and resource sharing.

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