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allocation is a critical mechanism for the development of the digital economy.

Data has become a critical factor in the development of the digital economy and must rely on market mechanisms. Market participants can explore more flexible data transaction modes and improve the efficiency of data transaction circulation by playing the role of market mechanism. Continuous improvement of relevant market miner s19 pro mechanisms can help bring the superposition multiplier effect of data elements into play and stimulate data element value potential.

The growth of China's data elements market has occurred in two stages. China's big data trading is in its early stages between 2014 and 2020. During this time, data transactions were primarily based on "rough processing" of raw data, and the data transaction rate and turnover were low, making it difficult to meet the society's effective demand. The central government explicitly included data as a factor of production in April 2020 and deployed to promote "market-oriented allocation of data factors," signaling a comprehensive breakthrough in the development of China's data factor market. Following that, on the one hand, the national and local governments have issued policy documents related to the cultivation of data elements market, which are dedicated to rationalizing the relationship between thegtx 1080 ti mining government and the market, clarifying the relationship between data elements market subjects, and balancing the relationship between the orderly flow of data and data security; on the other hand, under the government's leadership, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, and other cities have issued policy documents related to the cultivation of data elements market. On the other hand, under government leadership, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hunan, and other cities have accelerated the design of data exchanges, focusing on common issues such as identification, pricing, mutual trust, entry, and supervision.

To realize market allocation of data elements, it is necessary to establish a multi-level data element market, which should give full play to the market's decisive role in allocating resources, as well as give better play to the government's role: the government should introduce relevant policies to encourage and support the constructiongtx 1080 mining of a multi-level data element market; reorganize the original data exchange; absorb the participation of large Internet companies;

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