roman curtain

Summer heat is unbearable, have you ever noticed, being at home blowing the air conditioning feel hot, is the air conditioning does not cool? In fact, the home curtains installed incorrectly.

When installing curtains at home, especially pay attention to the place, according to different directions, area, window structure for targeted installation. Many people in the choice of roman shade only focus on good-looking and beautiful, but ignored the practicality of the later use only to find that the white money.

1. Installation according to the direction

The direction of the window is a key factor that directly affects the choice of curtains. If it is east-west, when choosing curtains, we should consider the sun as much as possible, pay attention to the installation of thermal roman blind, so that the west side of the windows play a good role in sunshade insulation, to ensure that the room is not affected by the west side of the strong light. South-facing windows are well lit and gauze, cotton or silk fabrics are more appropriate. North-facing rooms tend to be cold and gloomy, so choose warm, heavy curtains to increase the temperature. Rooms facing east or west are stimulated by strong sunlight for several hours a day, so they need to be made of specially treated fabrics or neutral fabrics that would otherwise fade or discolor, preferably with some insulation. Natural fiber, cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics are very good fabrics with good drape and comfortable hand feeling. Just natural fibers are not suitable for high temperature and strong light stimulation, so it can not be used in the room exposed to the sun.

2. Installation according to the size of the area

Here we talk about is the size of the area can be installed is the size of the Roman blind curtain, many Chinese people in the installation of curtains in order to a whole good-looking, the whole wall all over the curtains, resulting in a waste of this material, and later clean up work is also very troublesome.

3. Installation according to the structure of the window

Some windows are embedded structure, some windows and walls are flat structure. For windows with different structures, choose different window sizes and installation methods. Not sure if it will look good to hang curtains on all windows.

Why should I install Roman shades?

Roman shades are a type of window treatment that is made by passing the fabric through a horizontal rod, making the fabric appear stiff and allowing the texture of the fabric to be fully utilized. Some people think that Roman curtains are a kind of decoration, in fact, there is no role can save a penny is a penny, in fact, this kind of thinking is wrong.

Roman curtains can play a good role in light and heat insulation. Especially in the summer, a room with Roman curtains has a much higher thermal insulation than a room without Roman curtains. Another thing to note is that not all room windows need to be fitted with Roman blinds, but rather follow the three points mentioned above.

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