Why must I have a passport and visa to go abroad?

1. Passport

Passport is a document issued by a sovereign state to its citizens to prove their legal identity and nationality when entering or leaving the country, staying or traveling abroad. Its core contents are: name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, occupation, issuing authority and date, and its validity.

Our passports are divided into diplomatic passports, official passports and ordinary passports, and ordinary passports are divided into official and private passports.

Diplomatic passports and official passports are granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while ordinary passports are granted by the public security organs, and ordinary passports for overseas Chinese are granted by our embassies and consulates abroad.

The general passport is valid for 5 years, if you need to postpone, you need to apply to the original passport granting authority for extension or receive a new passport before the expiration date.


Visa is a kind of permit issued by the sovereign state to its citizens or foreigners to enter, leave or pass through the national border, that is, a country's domestic or foreign authorities in the possession of its citizens or foreigners documents (passports, etc.) on the endorsement, stamp. It is a formality to indicate that they are allowed to enter or leave the country. It is used together with the passport. In the passport must have the visa of the country and the visa of the country of departure in order to enter the country of departure.

The main contents of the visa are validity, frequency, duration of stay, port of entry and exit, and accompanying travel. There are three types of visas: diplomatic visas, official visas and ordinary visas. There are several types of visas, such as exit, entry, entry and exit, and entry. It is possible to leave the country visa extension hong kong and enter the territory of the former country of destination only during the validity of the visa. The authorities that grant visas are the same as those that grant passports. Chinese travel agencies in some big cities can handle foreign visa procedures for those who apply to go abroad. At the same time, Chinese citizens going to a foreign country have to apply for a visa to the country they are going to at the embassy or consulate of that country in China.

Whether it is to settle abroad, or to visit friends and relatives; whether it is a public assignment, or for private purposes abroad. If you do not have a passport and visa, you can not even buy international tickets or tickets to travel abroad, let alone go abroad. Therefore, all those who want to go abroad should apply for the corresponding passport and visa according to the situation introduced above, only then can you buy international tickets or tickets to go to the big country.

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