look at these 4 points, not only good-looking, but also durable and save money!

1, type style

Go to the shop, we first focus on the type of lamp style.

Lamp type should be based on the style of house decoration aluminum extrusion cnc to choose, like decoration is modern style, do not choose the new Chinese style lamps, European style do not install ceiling lamps and so on.

Also consider the hardware of the house, like the floor height of only 2 metres 3, do not choose the chandelier, to choose the ceiling lamp.

Different areas, the installation of lamps and lanterns are different, the living room can choose ceiling lamps, chandeliers, bedroom is recommended to choose ceiling lamps, dining room choose chandeliers.

2, material

The material is also intuitive to see, so pick the time to pay more attention.

Currently manufacturing lamps and lanterns commonly used materials are acrylic, wood, metal, crystal and so on.

If you choose a ceiling light, it is recommended to choose acrylic. Nowextrusion profilesmost of the ceiling lamps are made of acrylic, acrylic lightweight and high temperature resistance, easy to take care of.

3, light source

Light source is very important, is the centre of a lamp.

Some lights are on the bulb, the bulb can be changed at any time, that is to say, the light source is controlled by their own, installed incandescent bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, LED bulbs can be.

Some of the lights are built-in LED light beads or light strips, this is generally a fixed light source, you can also change the light source, but it is more troublesome.

Good light source is no strobe, colour rendering indexv slot extrusionof 85 or more, you can ask the shop more when you choose the light.

4, price

Lamps and lanterns prices, cheap tens of dollars, expensive millions are also there, is not the more expensive the better?

Of course not, it is recommended that we go more than a few shops than the price, and then according to their own budget to choose the right one light.

Only the right one is the best.

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