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Since entering the 21st century, the Chinese language has continued to rise in countries all over the world learn chinese online. Foreigners learning Chinese not only pushes Chinese culture out, but also narrows the distance between China and overseas people. So, what is the current status of Chinese in the world?

What is the situation of learning Chinese abroad?

According to reports, the UK has comprehensively promoted the learning of Chinese from the government to the people, and issued a decree to set up full-time Chinese posts in the Ministry of Education, regularly inspect Chinese teaching every year, and is committed to training local Chinese teachers in the UK online chinese class. Among them, more than 5,200 primary and secondary schools have opened Chinese courses, and it is estimated that the number of Chinese learners in the UK will reach 400,000 by 2020. Let's look at the countries of the European Union. Among them, the number of people learning Chinese in Spain has exceeded 40,000, and the number of people taking the Chinese Proficiency Test has always been the first in the European Union. France has set up Chinese teaching in 150+ universities and 700+ primary and secondary schools, and the education department has also specially set up Chinese-language governors. There are more than 30,000 Chinese students registered in Italy, and more than 40 universities have opened Chinese majors.

Why is Chinese popular all over the world?

In fact, the global popularity of Chinese is due to the rapid and healthy development of China's social, economic and financial markets, which can bring about a rise in a nation's cultural confidence, and on the other hand, the growing demand for global cross-cultural communication and learning brought about by the effect. From the 1990s when China's education reform and opening up attracted the attention of global businessmen, to the present a large number of studies on the export of traditional Chinese manufacturing, and the frequent influx of overseas people into China for national development, in recent decades, with China's global economic and technological With the increase in strength, it is reasonable to desire to understand the advantages of the civilization construction mechanism behind China's rural economic growth.

What is the future of Chinese?

The world just discovered that the most advanced language in evolution is Chinese. For example, thousands of years ago, Chinese also had long-winded memorizing sip and words, until the Chinese people gradually abandoned all those useless things. For example, when we are done, we can use "δΊ†" to express action. There is no need to be verbose like the present past perfect tense. Today, whether it is in the field of electronic technology or in the Internet system, Chinese has surpassed the limitations of modern technical communication with its unique concise communication, and can create by helping Chinese people to a higher level.

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