Health care productsPeople are becoming more and more aware of keeping their bodies healthy.ARA Many people buy health products or nutrients to supplement their bodies and improve their resistance and immunity. Many people confuse nutrients with health products, which is very different.

Are nutrients and health products the same?

1. Nutrients

Nutrients can be supplemented for the student's body,DHA nourishing organs can be organized through the cells, but also to promote tumor cell bioremediation. Nutrients needed by the human body is divided into seven categories, such as protein, vitamins, dietary fiber, water, fat, carbohydrates and minerals, eat more food containing these nutrients can be supplemented for the development of their own bodies, to maintain their own body functions work normally. Dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables, and milk contains calcium, fat content and other proteins. In fact, nutrients are considered to be social necessities, and can affect the functioning of physiological systems in young children when the ability to intake from food is insufficient. Nutrient supplementation is intended for companies to replenish nutritive value components that are lacking because of insufficient dietary intake in China,β-carotene which can improve the nutritional management of the patient's body. In the case of infant and toddler education, vitamin D is easily deficient due to low food intake sources, so supplementation with vitamin D drops is needed to promote healthy bone growth and development. Another often eat out, weight loss, diet culture structure design unreasonable problems and their lack of vegetables and fruits food people need to supplement dietary fiber, to maintain the body whether the normal metabolism, to protect the gastrointestinal tract health.

2、Health care products

Health care products have specific health care functions, can regulate body functions, suitable for specific groups of people do not need to treat the disease. Health products have a special sign, according to the consumer object is divided into two categories, one is the healthy people, the other is some physiological function of the crowd. The former is to supplement nutrition to meet the needs of different stages of the life cycle. The latter can prevent diseases and help the body recover. Functional health products are scientifically formulated products based on TCM theories and TCM health care ideas. Due to the different prescriptions, principles and dosages of healthcare products, the sources of their raw materials and the processing technology of different dosage forms, they may have different impacts and effects on human health. The use of functional health products has strict dosage limitations and taking methods, with certain indications and contraindications, so health products are not suitable for all people.

Nutrients are dietary supplements in health supplements, but health supplements are not necessarily nutrients. Nutrients can be obtained from natural foods to make up for dietary deficiencies and some substances lost in the body. As long as the content and activity of nutrients are guaranteed, and certain application methods are mastered, the body can be supplemented with nutrients to help the body repair its functions. Health care products only play a role in supporting the conditioning. Although there is a labeling effect, but after eating may not have the corresponding function.

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