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It is now the world of electronic documents. What are the advantages of electronic documents over paper documents? Here is a summary for you.

The advantages of electronic documents

1, edit at any time

The biggest disadvantage of paper documents is that it can not because along with editing, and online pdf conversion freeelectronic technical documents can be edited in real time.

2, save does not take up space

After more paper documents, it is not convenient to save up, to have a special file cabinet.

3, send convenient

Paper documents can only be sent by mail, while scanned pdf to word converter online electronic documents can be transmitted in seconds through social software and email.

4, no typos

Handwritten documents will inevitably have typing errors and other text, while electronic documents have no typing errors, only text.

5, easy to find

The powerful search function of electronic documents can start to find the documents you need.

6, categorized quickly

Computer operation management system analysis can be automatically categorized by according to different time, format. The classification of paper documents is particularly difficult.

7, easy to count the number of words

You can automatically count the number of words, write a paper without worrying about the number of words is too small.

8, at any time to print

Electronic technical documents can be printed anytime, anywhere into a paper document.

9, save paper

Electronic documents save paper, economic and environmental protection.

10, easy to turn over

Point the mouse on the computer, finger sliding on the phone can be.

11, easy to carry

Electronic documents are a virtual store, no weight, as long as the phone on the line.

The advantages of paper documents

1, Safe and reliable

Paper documents can be written by everyone, as long as there is a paper and pen on the line, do not understand the computer is okay.

2, the resolution is super high

Paper documents do not look harsh, good for eyesight. (Nowadays, electronic documents, especially pdf documents, in the reading experience does not lose paper documents).

3, emotional expression

Because paper documents are handwritten, often poured between the lines of the author's feelings, so it often seems more precious.

If the hard disk is bad or save carelessly, electronic documents are easily lost, so in the file management of electronic documents and paper documents should be saved.

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