Curtains are common decorations in the home, not only can play a role in beautifying the space, but also can play a certain shade, sound insulation, warmth and other effects. However, different curtain materials have different characteristics and uses, so that people can not help but make a difficult choice of disease.

So, what material is good for fabric design curtains? Below, we will introduce the material and characteristics of curtains from the following aspects in detail, to help you choose more suitable for your curtains.

1. Silver ion antibacterial fabric. The use of polymer technology, silver ions evenly distributed on the surface of the fabric, the release of silver ions through the curtains to play the role of antibacterial, but also to prevent the curtains from mold, to protect human health and the environment.

2. Linen. Linen Roman Shade Curtain are breathable, fast heat dissipation, anti-static and anti-radiation, very friendly to people whose skin is easily allergic to allergies, will not cause allergies, but also anti-ultraviolet rays.

3. Polyester. Polyester curtains drape well, sunlight resistance, easy to wash and dry quickly, after cleaning and hanging up or their original mold, not easy to produce wrinkles or shrinkage, relatively good care.

4. Flannel. Flannel curtains feel and drape very well, feel not cold, thick fabric, with good sound absorption and shading effect, strong color fastness.

5. Chenille. With the texture of velvet, comfortable feel, thick fabric with a sense of sagging, good shading and sound insulation effect, rich color choices.

Different fabrics of curtain materials have different characteristics and uses, we need to choose the right material according to their needs and preferences. At the same time, when buying curtains, we need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Purchase curtains should pay attention to the size and proportion, according to the size and height of the window to choose the right size and proportion, in order to achieve the best decorative effect.

2. Purchase curtains should pay attention to the quality of the material, to choose a uniform texture, comfortable feel, natural color material, avoid choosing some poor quality construction materials can affect the use of user experience.

3. When choosing curtains, pay attention to the quality of accessories, such as tracks, hooks, pull cords, etc., to choose stable quality, easy to use accessories to ensure the normal use of curtains and long-term use.

4. When buying curtains, pay attention to the choice of color and style, and the overall style and color of the home to coordinate, to avoid a sense of contradiction, so that fabric home furnishings and home environment into one, presenting a more beautiful and comfortable living environment.

We should consider a variety of factors when choosing curtains to make our home environment more beautiful and comfortable.