Can't edit PDF format after conversion? Share the reasons and solutions

Due to the good compatibility and stability of PDF format, it can ensure the accurate transmission of document content. So in our daily work and study, we often encounter the need to convert documents to PDF format or PDF to other formats. However, sometimes we may encounter a problem: PDF converted to TXT, Word and other formats can not be edited! So, what to do after the conversion of PDF format can not be edited? Next, let's share the relevant content, take a look.

In order to solve this problem before we first understand the characteristics of the PDF format. PDF is an enterprise can be cross-platform, cross-operating management system by viewing and printing the electronic technical document format. Compared with other formats, PDF has the existence of a certain degree of security, can effectively prevent others from modifying the relevant document research content. This is also the PDF can not be edited in the normal development of the main reason for the work. Of course, PDF format can not be edited after conversion is also is two important reasons: the first reason is that the original PDF file is encrypted, because these authors do not want to study the contents of the content of others to modify. The second is the current choice of conversion methods, but for professionalism is very low, although it looks like a change, but in fact the encoding is still the same as before.

So after understanding the reasons why the PDF format can not be edited after conversion, want to perfect solution, you can choose some other methods to operate to try. For example, you can choose a professional PDF converter to complete the PDF format conversion.

In addition, although PDF files are not editable, if you have professional editing tools on your device, it is easy to perform the conversion. You can use merge pdf files i love pdf, usually, these programs provide rich editing functions, including adding, deleting and modifying text. First, you can create a new file for conversion on your device and open the PDF file. Then, manually copy the desired content pieces into the new file, format it and save it to disk.