Hong Kong visa

Many of my friends are hesitant to study in Mainland China or Hong Kong, China. So, what is the difference between education in Hong Kong and mainland China?

Hong Kong has inherited the elite education system of the UK,work visa application hong kong but the cost of studying in Hong Kong is more affordable than the UK and the US, which has become the reason why many international students choose to study in Hong Kong.

Because of the influence of the country of one country, two systems, the mainland's education management system is still very different from the Hong Kong issue, because of the influence of having the British elite education and teaching system, Hong Kong's university life education and work mode is also carried out more similar to the Western learning mode, the specific situation, they mainly have the following five types of differences.

1. Language proficiency

Hong Kong has a bilingual and trilingual system, with Chinese and English as the two languages and Cantonese, English and Mandarin as the three languages. In the Mainland, it is Mandarin, Chinese and English. However, the teaching of English in Hong Kong has made English more popular in Hong Kong. The English reading, writing and speaking skills of Hong Kong children of the same age are significantly better than those of Mainland children.

2. Differences in the use of books

There is no hard and fast rule on who should be the printer of books for textbooks in Hong Kong, as long as there is a relevant printing license. Major booksellers will print different types of textbooks according to the guidelines of the Education Bureau. Schools will set their own names to buy books and students will buy their own textbooks. However, as far as book publishing is concerned, the environment in Hong Kong is freer than that in the Mainland.

3. Scholarships

Scholarships in Hong Kong are very generous. In terms of both the amount and type of scholarships, Hong Kong schools invest more than those in the Mainland.

4. Strong Faculty

Take the universities in Hong Kong as an example. Most of the lecturers are PhDs, and there are many expatriate professors. Many universities have more than one Nobel Prize winner, and the investment will be bigger than the mainland.

5. Education System

Schools in Hong Kong are managed by school sponsoring organizations. Each school has autonomy over the training of students, teachers, and the direction of educational development. Moreover, government schools only account for a small number of schools, and the Education Department is only responsible for allocating social resources and monitoring schools. On the other hand, most rural schools in the Mainland are under the direct economic management of the Government, in order to implement the unified education-related policies of the whole country.