laser engraver

There exists a wide variety of laser equipment on the market, which can be roughly divided into the following categories of products: laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, laser internal carving, laser perforation, laser demonstration,laserpecker compact laser engraver laser plate making machine, laser cosmetology, laser medical treatment, laser coding and laser heat treatment and so on. These products are the combination of laser technology and software control technology products, for the modern industrial civilization has injected new vitality.

At present, with the development and promotion of laser engraving equipment in the application of technology and process, laser plane marking and engraving equipment manufacturing and sales show a good growth trend.laserpecker 11 The number of domestic companies engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of laser equipment as well as companies acting as agents of foreign laser equipment is rapidly increasing, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

However, all the laser equipments in the domestic market stay at the stage of laser plane engraving, and no company or scientific research unit has been able to develop a laser three-dimensional engraving system. Some fine three-dimensional mold engraving still rely on computer machine engraving or hand engraving. However, both machine engraving and hand engraving have their obvious weaknesses and limitations, limiting the development of some fine crafts. There have been several domestic laser research institutions are conducting research on laser three-dimensional fine engraving machine.

In the field of fine engraving, the best domestic traditional mechanical engraving equipment is Beijing Fine Engraving, which has won a huge market and success in solving fine engraving molds. However, due to the inherent limitations of mechanical knife carving, there are still many high precision engraving can not be realized. In some areas, hand carving or mold repair work has to be done with the help of highly skilled manual craftsmanship. In the laser engraving mold, there is a new light source laser, it mainly uses the stronger power laser marking machine sold to the mold manufacturing industry, the current sales situation is good. However, due to its engraving technology can only carve plane text and patterns, and laser three-dimensional engraving there is a certain distance, so currently in the field can not give full play to its role.

Laser precision engraving system is a new member of the laser equipment family, but also an important symbol of the progress of laser technology, is a tool for the mold manufacturing industry. Laser three-dimensional fine engraving mold is through the high-energy laser beam in the mold material or copper electrode carving out the required two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape. At the same time, it has a fundamental difference with the current crystal engraving machine, crystal engraving machine three-dimensional concept is through a certain density of point cloud to form a three-dimensional image of the feeling, and can only be applied to crystal crafts. While the laser three-dimensional precision engraving machine is through the accurate CAD software technology to achieve the three-dimensional solid space engraving, so it can not only be applied to general products in the field of finishing, but also can be applied to the field of mold manufacturing.

In foreign countries, there have been equipment vendors to develop the corresponding laser three-dimensional engraving systems and applications, and has been the sales tentacles into the domestic market. Although there are several business agents of this type of equipment, but at present there is no prototype to show.