New laser repair technology can solve the problem of green lines in OLED panels

Recently, many mobile phone users have encountered the problem of organic light-emitting diode screen damage, boe 2023 mainly the screen suddenly appears green or purple lines that will not disappear, which is very unattractive, and will affect some functional operations (such as affecting the payment barcode on the screen, making it unreadable).

In this case, the user usually needs to send the phone to the repair center to replace the screen panel, because it involves the disassembly cost and parts of the phone, and the repair cost is often quite high. BOE displays And recently, a new technology that can break down the OLED panel will not be able to have the problem repaired.

Repair damaged OLED panel

The newly developed technology uses lasers to repair the damaged electronic signal transmission path of the OLED panel without having to disassemble the phone. When these tiny transmission paths are broken, lines or other display problems appear on the screen, which can be solved with lasers. oled manufacturer Interestingly, this laser technology itself is used to produce organic light-emitting diode panels.

The biggest feature of this machine for repairing OLED panels is that it is repaired when the screen is on, and the operator can immediately confirm whether the problem can be solved by observing the repair process, and the whole repair process is displayed in front of us immediately. If the line ultimately cannot be repaired in this way, the repairman will remove the glass covering the panel and redo the laser repair procedure.

In addition to saving users money and reducing waste, this new technology, which is believed to be able to change the ecology of the industry, is also able to repair panels previously considered damaged, but there are limitations, broken or scratched screens cannot be repaired in this way, only corresponding to the OLED panel under the glass.