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which saves you a lot of time

For local businesses, a small or medium-sized payment gateway with a goodsaas payment gateway brand reputation and more friendly support for local banking is preferable, even if providing only the most popular local third-party payment is sufficient. Of course, if the chosen small payment gateway does not adequately support international business, it may become a constraint as the business grows in the future. In our projects, we frequently see customers who need to switch payment gateways for this reason. As a result, it is best to plan ahead of time by designing and isolating the code design.

If your company or users do business in other countries, you must understand the payment habits of users in different countries and regions and provide the localized payment methods that users prefer. In this case, we recommend that you select a payment gateway that bundles the most common third-party payments in each region, allowing you to integrate once and apply multiple times. In one project, we first assisted our client in integrating Paypal via Worldpay, while keeping the extension interface in the initial code design. Later, when the business needed to expand to support Alipay and WeChat, it went live with only a few configuration changes and very little development testing work, saving a lot of business negotiation, technical research, integration testing from the ground up, and so on.

We recommend that you use a payment gateway acquiring service when acquiring business. As a result, as a merchant, you only have to deal with one payment gateway, which saves you a lot of time and effort in terms of process, technology, communication, and so on.

To consider technical indicators, we must first understand that any payment will involve the integration of multiple systems in the middle, and it is very common for problems to arise. Teams of about 7 people are frequently overwhelmed by various online issues while assisting our clients in maintaining their payment gateways. The following points can assist you as a merchant in minimizing your losses.

To protect your rights, look not only at the technical specifications promised on the payment gateway's website, but also sign a clear SLA with it.

Adding effective monitoring and logging to their own systems, which can provide enough valuable information to help the payment gateway troubleshoot and locate the problem when something goes wrong.

Testing the stability of the payment gateway's interface in order to detect payment gateway failures in a timely manner and take appropriate action.

To reduce the impact on business and users, implement a reasonable set of fallback mechanisms, such as hiding the payment gateway with problems in time, switching to another payment gateway or third-party payment, and so on.

It is recommended that you examine various value-added functions on an as-needed basis, and if they are not core business, they can be gradually included in the delivery plan as a category outside the MVP.


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