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necessary to match

Many people have the question: Is it really necessary to have a vacuum cleaner? sommelier hong kongI can use a dustpan to clean my house when I'm at home. Why do I need to buy a vacuum cleaner?

To this question, there is only one answer: it is necessary.

Tools are created to enhance the efficiency of work, and for the rapid development of modern technology today, cleaning tools have long evolved from the traditional broom dustpan to a combination of sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners, and compared to the traditional tools, these two smart home can bring us efficiency is very significant.

Before these two tools appeared, we remember how the problem of hygiene is solved?

In the impression, that is the mother hunched over the wet rag on the table wipe wipe wipe, is the floor cleaning and wet mopping, after that is to wait for the air will take away the moisture on the floor.

And often, this work takes time, it is necessary to count the hours.

That's why, in the context of 21st century technology, it's necessary to match between best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwooda sweeping robot and a cordless vacuum cleaner. In any case, why bother with the extra work pressure when we can use tools to lighten the load?

Finger Butler's sterilizing vacuum cleaners are also built precisely for the national environment.

As a national brand, the J81 wireless vacuum cleaner designed and launched for the national home environment, the weight of the host even reached a kilogram degree, in the weight of this point, there is no doubt that the finger butler can already be compared with the first-line manufacturers.

And as a sacrifice of weight, there are many vacuum cleaners manufacturers will reduce the weight at the same time, shrink the capacity of the battery, resulting in a reduction of the endurance time, feedback to consumers, there will be a problem must be solved within a few minutes, otherwise it will run out of power. And for this situation, the range and balance can be said to do a perfect, in just one kilogram of weight, the duration of up to 45 minutes, enough to support the completion of the task of hygiene at home, with two-speed switching function, Marni Kids HKit is still able to reach 25 minutes of endurance in strong gear, easily allow you to eliminate dirt at home, but also tolerate your small procrastination, will be all the corners of the home clean up ~

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