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Simply speaking, the positioning of the two is different: sweeper is located in household floor cleaning, Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Companyvacuum cleaner is located in household deep cleaning; cleaning principle is different: cleaning principle of sweeping robot is roller brush or rubber brush + vacuum suction mouth, garbage is brushed by the brush, and then vacuum suction mouth is sucked away. The whole process is "sweep" + "suction", while the vacuum cleaner is through the high-speed rotating motor to suck garbage, the whole process is "suction"; different methods of use: sweeping robot has artificial intelligence system, turn on the switch can run independently, while the vacuum cleaner requires manual operation to clean.

The biggest advantage of the utility model is that it does not require manual operation, just turn on the switch to clean, and the compact body design of the utility model can be used to clean the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed and other low places in many dead corners, can be a comprehensive cleaning, with the advantages of low noise, low power consumption, time and energy saving. But the advantages behind it also reveal the biggest drawback of cleaning robots, which is that they can only sweep the ground and cannot handle large pieces of waste.

The vacuum cleaner exists as a universal cleaning tool that includes a body, telescopic tube and various brush heads to clean the home environment in all Roller blinddirections, such as desks, bed surfaces, sofas, curtains, roofs, corners, crevices... Even the interior space of the car. Although not free hands, but cleaning strength and cleaning methods are much more convenient than sweeping robots.

Sweeping robots can develop autonomously to clean the ground, but since the ground through the above? Beds, sofas, desktops, still need to carry out manual with a rag to clean? At this point, a vacuum cleaner plays a key role, with a wide range of applied research and strong cleaning efforts. Sweeping robot technology can not achieve clean ground comprehensive above, is still the world of vacuum cleaners.

Whether it is a sweeping robot or a vacuum cleaner, the basic purpose is the same, that is, to clean the home, but each product has its own blind curtainadvantages and many disadvantages, the advantages and disadvantages are the biggest pain points of the existence of household appliances, if you want a more convenient cleaning experience, I recommend both.

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