sex toys

From ancient times to the present, people's desire for sex has never stopped. With the progress of society and the development of human beings, erotic products are gradually accepted by the majority of the audience, but the excessive use of erotic products has also caused some harm to the app controlled sex toy Today I will tell you how to use erotic products correctly, not only can improve their sexual ability, but also help the harmony of the couple's life.

1 correctly look at sex toys

There are always people who have prejudice against sex, think it is a very private thing, should not surface, best app controlled sex toy. When you have a correct understanding of sex, the concept of sex products will also have a great change. Many people mistakenly believe that the use of sex toys is to satisfy their own evil masturbation, will hurt the feelings of their partners, hurt their own body.

The truth is that the use of sex toys is beneficial in many app controlled sex toy In the case of physiological development and mature development and because there is not a sexual partner, the use of disposable products is normal, relieve sexual hunger, release sexual tension a way to provide sexual enjoyment, to avoid the emergence of undesirable social and sexual behavior, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in China.

2 Erotica management helps couples have more harmonious intercourse

If couples use sex toys together, whether it is a jumping egg, vibrator or vibrator, app controlled sex toy it can add a lot of fun to the couple's sex life. This enhancement is not only physical, but also enhances the couple's feelings, mutual trust and improves the quality of the couple's sex life.

On the other hand, for those who have a strong sex drive, borrowing sex toys to satisfy their desires when their sex partners can't meet their needs can also help the couple's marital harmony. Because she can reduce the behavior of couples cheating because of sexual desire. As we all know, many couples cheat because of sexual disharmony.

3 Sex toys are a double-edged sword, can not completely replace the sex partner

Sex toys in fact they are their own a double-edged sword, it continues to improve our sexual ability at the same time, there are still can not realize the real replacement of sexual partners. Although he can bring our country a lot of different cultural level of sexual pleasure and orgasm, but also through the release of our desire to relieve work pressure and app controlled sex toy But it is, after all, only sexual aids only, is not without completely irreplaceable sexual partners, not to mention can not replace the caress and warmth between partners.

4 The choice of sex toys is very important, choose a suitable sex toys for your use

The choice of sex toys is very important, here are two points, one is to choose the brand, the second is to choose a high-profile platform to buy, do not want to be cheap, save that little money, choose sex toys at random. In the face of the oddly shaped sex toys on the market, sex toys experts remind people that they must choose those qualified, high-grade, high-quality products, such as certificates of conformity, soft texture, smooth surface, and regular cleaning and disinfection to ensure hygiene.

Sex toys are for personal and partner use only, and may not be borrowed or transferred; they may not be placed in dark and damp places or places where children can see and touch them. Purchase from the brand, quality price, function use, service reputation and other aspects to judge.