How did the colorful drink goods come about? Most of them rely on coloring

Most customers are often attracted to colorful beverage products when they shop for them early. This often causes customers to wonder how colorful drink goods are made. This is the credit of food coloring agents. A beverage merchandise, color, aroma, taste, shape four aspects, the lack of one. Here we will briefly introduce the food binmeicoloring agent.

Food coloring agents, also known as food coloring, to food coloring as the main purpose of a class of food additives. The natural color of the food, can foresee its nutritional composition, deterioration or not, and its high commodity value. Food with bright colors can not only improve the sensory characteristics of food, to give people a sense of beauty, but also to arouse people's appetite. On the contrary, if the food in the processing process, because of light, heat, O2 or chemical agent efficacy and other reasons, so that natural pigments fade or cause food fear and loss of luster, resulting in color distortion, will give rise to an imbalance of the illusion of food spoilage, and then seriously endanger the sensory quality of food.

Food coloring agents

Food coloring agents are an important part of food additives, widely used in beverages. At present, there are more than 60 kinds of common food coloring agents, according to their sources and characteristics into two categories of food coloring agents and natural food coloring agents.

Food coloring agents, also known as synthetic food coloring agents, organic coloring agents made of benzene, toluene, naphthalene and other chemical products as raw materials, after a series of organic synthesis of sulfonation, nitration, halogenation, azo and other reflections. Generate coloring agent coloring ability, bright color, not easy to fade, stable performance, easy to melt, easy to color, low cost features, but its safety spirulina concentrateis low.

Food natural colorants, also known as food natural pigments, mainly refers to colorants extracted from animals, plants and microorganisms, some species also have vitamin vitality (β-carotene), some also have certain biological activity (such as gardenia yellow, safflower yellow, etc). (such as gardenia yellow, safflower yellow, etc.). Food natural coloring agent quality a wide range of natural color, non-toxic, and the use of the scope and daily allowable amount are wider than synthetic pigments, but its high cost, coloring ability is weak, poor stability is easy to spoil.

The doctor of Chengdu Jiawei Tiansheng Beverage spirulina powder blueTechnology Research Institute said: food coloring agent is an indispensable component of beverage production, is an edible additive, as long as its demand within the testing standards, is not harmful to human physical and mental health, consumers do not need to overly panic.