Do you know of any useful software for editing PDF files?

Do you know of any useful software for editing PDF files?

A lot of my student friends have asked me if there is a good PDF editor. merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf My answer is yes.

It doesn't stop there. I've used some of them myself, but I've recently recommended FoxitPDF Editor Pro. This is the PDF editor I've been using the most. The PDF content, PDF formats, and permissions can all be edited with the same quality. [Portal: How to edit PDF files]

There are three versions of this software, the personal version, the Pro version, and the enterprise version. These three versions have MAC, Windows, Linus, Android, Apple ports.

Here is the version of WIN system. I will give you a brief introduction to how it works.

The ability to read

It supports Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, and its images. It also supports text rearrangement and automatic voice reading, which is very handy for lazy people.

The ability to edit PDF files

In addition to modifying PDF content, it can convert the information format of various technical document data formats into PDF.

It allows you to create PDF files, web pages, ZIP PDF files, set PDF permissions, merge and split PDF files, explain, seal, and e-sign.

Directly from your browser, you can even create sophisticated interactive forms.

Data management is convenient

Using WiFi, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and multiple devices can share PDF documents and transmit data wirelessly. Multiple devices can synchronize their reading schedules by backing up text documents in the cloud.